Introduction to the Conference

In order to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises, and promote common development and further implementation in September 2000 UN Millennium Summit adopted the "Millennium Declaration", to be famous Chinese and foreign enterprises initiated by the State Council approved, on November 6, 2003 -7 held in Zhuhai on the World Economic Development Declaration series. 

World Economic Development Declaration theme: equality, honesty, cooperation and development. By publishing "Zhuhai Declaration" and the summit organized by the World Economic Development, promoting the establishment of equality and mutual benefit, interdependence and common development, a new world economic order; to explore the world and the forefront of China's economic development issues for the Chinese and foreign enterprises to provide a platform for exchange and cooperation,
further promote the world and China's sustained economic development. 

There will be Chinese leaders and more than 10 ministers, foreign dignitaries, Hong Kong and Macao Chief Executive, heads of international organizations, renowned economists and 1000 a number of Chinese and foreign famous enterprises home and abroad, President / Vice President to attend. 

The activities of the Party and state leaders attached great importance to and support, clear instructions "to well-organized, stress practical results, be sure to run."
Vice Premier Wu Yi as the honorary chairman of the Organizing Committee, National People's Congress Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee as Chairman, Vice Chairman Xu served as honorary chairman of the organizing committee......

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Leaders’ Speeches
Huang Ju
Cheng Siwei
Wang Maolin
Lu Hao
Qu Weizhi
Du Qinglin
Zhang Xiaoyu
Lou Jiwei
Zeng Yinquan
Liu Mingkang
Wang Guangtao
Li Rongrong
Wei Jianguo
Sun Xiaohua
Xiao Zhuoji
The Zhuhai Declaration

Peace and development are the common aspiration of people of all countries and are the main themes of today's world. Peace is the basis for development and development promotes peace. It is our common duty to promote world economic development and safeguard world peace with “equality, credibility, cooperation and development” as the basic criteria.

In order to promote the establishment of a new world economic era featuring equality, mutual benefit, interdependence and common development...

The World Economic Development Declaration Conference

Chinese politicians

SpeakChinese leaders
Keynote speech
Wu Yi Vice Premier
Theme Forum Speakers

Cheng Siwei
Transnational Corporations and Economic Development
Xu Kuangdi
Take the new road to industrialization, and strive to achieve the coordination of development and the environment

Foreign dignitaries

Hawker  Former Prime Minister of Australia

  Former Prime Minister of India

Heads of international organizations


World Economic Development Declaration executive vice chairman of the Organizing Committee
President of the World Economic Forum



United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General Kofi Annan Curphey



UNIDO Director-General, the UN Resident Representative of UNIDO



European Commission representatives, EU deputy head of the European Commission Delegation in China



General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


Kong Jiezhong

World Bank representatives, Vice President



On behalf of the Asian Development Bank, Deputy Governor

Macao Chief Executive and senior officials

Dong Jianhua——Hong Kong Chief
He Houhua
——Chief Executive of Macau
Zeng Yinquan
——Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration
Tan Boyuan
——Macao Financial Secretary

Chinese Minister

Ma Kai

National Development and Reform CommissionAdhere to a comprehensive concept of development and accelerating the modernization drive

Jin Renqing

Minister of Finance

China's financial reform in developing

Wang Guangtao

Minister of ConstructionChina's urban and rural public health infrastructure development and reform

Du Qinglin

Minister of AgricultureThe new century and new stage of China's agriculture

Yu Guangzhou

Deputy Minister of Commerce

Shi Guangsheng

Former minister

Zhou Xiaochuan

People's Bank of ChinaFinancial reform and monetary policy

Li Rongrong

State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration CommissionState-owned assets management system as an opportunity to accelerate the reform and development of state-owned enterprises

Wang Zhongfu

Administration for Industry and Commerce

Promote the construction of enterprise credit, and create a fair competitive market environment

Xie Zhenhua

State Environmental Protection Administration SecretaryStrengthen environmental protection to promote harmony between man and nature for sustainable development

Liu Mingkang

Chairman of China Banking Regulatory CommissionConstruct the steady development of China's banking sector a good external environment

Shang Fulin

Chairman of China Securities Regulatory CommissionWorld Economy and China's opening up and development of capital markets

Wu Dingfu

Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory CommissionStrengthening the integrity, promoting China's insurance industry continued healthy and rapid development

Qu Weizhi

The State Council Information Office of the Deputy Director

Information and economic and social development

Sun Xiaohua

Vice Chairman of China Federation of IndustryChina's private economy status and prospects


Invited to attend and give a talk of Chinese economists
Li Yining, Wu Jinglian, Lin Yifu, Xiao Zhuoji, Hu Angang, Fan Gang, Wang Jue, Xiao Lian

Invited to attend and give a talk of Nobel laureates

Lawrence R. Klein1980 Nobel Laureate in Economics

Roberta Mundell 1999 Nobel Laureate in Economics
Economists invited to attend the General Assembly:
Dr Rogate. R. Musa
President of Tanzania, Economic Advisor
Klaus Adam, Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds
Deputy Director of China Business Development Center
Invited to attend the General Assembly of the sociologist:
Joseph P. Degas
Indonesia's Social Welfare Fund for the Secretary-General guidance
Miss Li Enlin
AMITY Foundation Secretary-General


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   Content of Activities

1.Meeting and Discussion

2.Opening Ceremony: Issuance of The Zhuhai Declaration

3.The World Economic Development Summit

4.Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Investment Environment Promotion Fair

5.Post-Conference Service

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